Mr. and Mrs. Howard, est 2020

Chelsi and I went to school together practically forever. She was a year below me, but she was in my small circle of friends and I’m lucky to call her a friend to this day.

Chelsi and Johnny were married at Clarence First Baptist church on October 10, 2020. The circumstances of their wedding day was pretty atypical for a wedding, but not totally unexpected during Louisiana’s hurricane season. We had just experienced the slow-moving Hurricane Delta, and all the electricity and water in the village of Clarence and most of the surrounding areas was unavailable.

While getting ready for their big day, Chelsi and her bridesmaids were using hair styling tools plugged into a generator that was running outside the church! Despite the many challenges, Chelsi and Johnny's wedding day was beautiful and full of love and laughter from everyone in attendance.

The sunlight that filtered into the church was almost buttery soft. Beautifully diffused by the sanctuary's windows, it created a bright and airy atmosphere for the ceremony that could never be beaten with typical sanctuary lighting. Their reception was held at the Pace Community Center just a few miles away. It’s a spacious venue with plenty of room. The lack of electricity was barely noticed as everyone enjoyed good food and company.